“Cycling and walking will be the natural first choice for many journeys with half of all journeys in towns and cities being cycled or walked by 2030.” Gear Change, a bold vision for cycling and walking DfT 2020.

Overall the Falmouth working population has lower car use, and higher train, bus and  walking trips to work than the Cornwall average.
There is a higher than average level of bus use to and from Penryn; and high levels of train use to and from Truro. 20% travel to work on foot.
But although Travel to Work by bike is higher in Falmouth than across the County in total, this only amounts to 2% of daily commutes. Just over 50% of commutes are by car. 40% of those, 2000 journeys each day, are less than 3miles.

Main routes between employment areas and residential areas have been identified in the draft LCWIP.